The Christina Noble Children’s Foundation


The Christina Noble Children’s Foundation
38 Tu Xuong, District 3,
PH: 84 8 3932 6484
FX:  84 8 3932 7276
Founder: Christina Noble
Director: Nicolas Pistolas (Christina’s son)


Books: ‘Mama Tina’ by Christina Noble

‘Bridge Over My Sorrows’ by Christina Noble

Established in 1989 by Ireland’s Christina Noble to assist the street children and orphans of Vietnam. Christina Noble suffered a tragic childhood in her homeland Ireland. Finding life unbearable in the cruel children’s institutions of the day, Christina herself, became a streetchild and knew from personal experience the realities of such a life. Thanks to Christina many children in Vietnam will not suffer in this way and their childhood will remain a treasured, precious time in their lives. Christina Noble’s dedication and hard work has changed the destiny of Vietnam’s disadvantaged children. The Foundation’s work now extends throughout Vietnam and into Mongolia.

Children are provided with shelter, education, health care and love The Foundation has many wonderful volunteers work tirelessly helping Christina and the children realise their dreams. The centre is centrally located in a beautiful part of Ho Chi Minh city. Seeing the wonderful work being carried out in the centre is a memorable experience and shows us all just what can be achieved with dedication, love and a willingness to help others. Most children attend the centre for school or for medical treatment, then return home to their families each day. Certain children stay longer depending on their medical condition. A visit to the centre will fill your heart with hope for the disadvantaged children of the world.

Visitors to the Foundation are very welcome but appointments are required. Visiting times are Monday – Friday at 10.00 a.m. or 3.00 p.m.

IMPORTANT! Please contact Carry For Kids Inc. at least four weeks prior to your departure date from Australia to arrange an appointment.  It is difficult to arrange appointments at short notice.  Taxi’s are best to visit the centre as it is very central and are metered.

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