K.O.T.O.  Hanoi Wishlist

Please ensure donations are of commercial/industrial grade or high quality.  Normal household cooking equipment is not durable in a restaurant situation.  Donations do not need to be new but quality is important. 

The restaurant:

Tongs, wooden spoons, metal cooking spoons, saucepans, frying pans, cocktail shakers, ice scoopers, bar blades, service trays, industrial grade milkshake machine, industrial grade ice cream maker, commercial two-door fridge, commercial oven for pastry and bread, free standing fan, commercial Bamix, Robot Coupe/food processor (x2), digital scales (x 2), mini deep fryer (pastry section), ice cream freezer, cake display cabinet, kitchen aid mixer (x 2), ball bearing track for dockets, juicer machine, cashier machine, music system for restaurant (4/5 disc player/mp3), baby chair. Glass door underbar fridge unit, glass washer, industrial toaster, hot water boiler/urn, vacuum cleaner, wine fridge.

Large units purchase in Vietnam

For personal needs:

New or second clothing in good condition for boys and girls aged from 16-22 years. Maximum size Australian Small Mens or Girls ‘8’, towels, single sheets, pillowcases.

* Winter clothing okay as Hanoi does experience a winter season.

Shampoo, soap, talcum powder, toothpaste, soft toothbrushes, nail brushes, hairbrushes, hairclips (for girls), spray cologne & make-up (for girls)

* For health reasons please ensure all items are new.

For sport:

Soccer balls, Basketballs, exercise mats, caps, sports clothing and running shoes, skipping ropes, tennis racquets, tennis balls.


KOTO is always keen to get hold of cookbooks by contemporary chefs with up to date food styling and good photos. Australian books are particularly useful as they tend to use ingredients more suited. We also require books on cakes, biscuits and breads as well as cocktail and wine books and books with drink recipes.

For medical needs:

Dettol, Savlon, Burnaid cream, bandaids, cotton wool, antiseptic swabs, bandages (all types), saline, tweezers, eye wash cups, aloe vera gel, aeroguard or Rid, wool or cotton blankets.

For the office/training centre:

General office equipment:

A4 paper, envelopes, pens, highlighters, calculators, glue sticks, sticky tape, digital cameras, rewritable CDs, USB’s, post its, clipboards, manila folders, clipboards, photo albums, staplers, staples, plastic envelopes, rubberbands, mailing labels, plastic wallets, paper card, photograph albums, laptop computers.

For administration/accounting:

Photocopy Machine, laptop, Casino printer for cashier machine, Casino software for cashier machine.

For Language classes:

Laptop, data projector, TV.

For Marketing/Fundraising:

Digital camera, video camera, laptop, colour scanner/printer plus ink.

For KOTO outside catering:

A vehicle (currently have to transport via taxi)

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