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How The Foundation Works

Carry for Kids promotes and educates airline staff, travel agents and travellers about how they can as individuals make a difference to the lives of underprivileged children in developing countries.

If an individual would like to assist, Carry for Kids will provide the following help:

1. General information about the project including address, contact details, general information about the project, their aims and most importantly a wishlist via our website.
2. Arrange an appointment for the traveller to visit the project to suit the traveller and the facility if required by the project.  Four weeks notice is required.
3. Provide a drop point for donations via a local tour operator for travellers who do not have sufficient time to travel to the project.  (not available in Vietnam as the projects are already centrally located)
4. Create a web-site to link travellers to projects/special schools in developing countries and thus educate travellers about their existence, activities, aims and needs.


– To help improve the lives of children in developing countries by providing a vital link between travellers and children’s projects overseas.

– To educate airline staff, travel agents and travellers regarding the needs of children at various destinations and how they in turn can educate others to make a valid contribution to the lives of disadvantaged children.

– To encourage travellers to make a positive impact at their chosen destination by helping those less fortunate.

– Direct travellers to reputable projects who help the children not themselves.

– Include projects within the framework of the Carry for Kids website which will thus inform the world of their location, current statistics, aims and important needs.

– Communicate ideas and experiences between projects linked by the Carry for Kids Foundation.

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