28 January 2020

Urgent needs in block slanted


  • Procal Gold Premature Formula

Cold and Flu syrup for children

Panadol Syrup for children

Gentamicin for skin

Gentamicin for eyes

Salicyl Powder

A digital Thermometer

Mamy Poco/Pampers extra soft disposable diapers Sizes; XS, S, M and L

* Cooking Oil (Canola or Vegetable only – no Palm Oil please)


(see bottom of page for other items not required)


Pampers/Mamy Poco  (Extra soft) Sizes; XS, S, M and L, SGM Formula 1-3 years, Pediasure, body wash, cologne, telon and nappy rash cream.


Not required thank you.


Paint for our building interior. $110- per room. Help bring some color into the kids lives!


Antiseptic liquid shower wash, household-cleaning products, Harpic Blue – Items such as food, Rinso top load washing powder, antiseptic can be purchased locally and are usually 40 to 50% cheaper than western prices. Pledge, Windex, Hurricane, Klin floor cleaner lemon etc. Rubber Gloves for cleaning size M, Chux or Polytex cleaning cloths, Baygon, Dishwashing liquid.


Not required thank you.


Latex gloves S/M/L, Maximum strength oral analgesic gel benzocaine 20% by Iodent, filling material GIC Fuji 9 by GC, Oral diagnosa kit, Scandonest Local Anaesthesia (injection) for Dental, Endodontic needles kit. Dental Elevators (Couplands sizes 1,2,3), Dental Forceps, and Spoon Excavators.


Red Rice, Marzola, Canola, equiv. Cooking oil (Not Palm Oil please, Canola or Vegetable),  plain flour, tempe, tofu, chicken, beef, butter (unsalted), pasta spaghetti, eggs, vegetables, fruit (mango, apple, orange, pineapple etc), juice, biscuits, cake mix, Kraft Cheese Slices, noodles, sugar.

Food supplement:

Nutrilon or Bebelac Formula for 1 month and 2 year old boy, Pediasure infant supplement (Vanilla or Honey). Vitamins tablet for kids and adults (Ultravit, Fitkom, Becom C), Vitamin syrup for kids (Huvafit, Hufalysin), Sangobion tablet and syrup, Vitamin E Eviron), Vitamin A, Calcium.


Paper towels, Kleenex tissue, counter anti-bacterial wipes, good kitchen knives.


Rinso or other Brand Top Load washing powder


Nothing required at present



The medical equipment that we need are: Latex hand gloves size S, M and L, Face Masks and a Digital Thermometer.

The medicine that we need:

From Overseas:

Savlon, Soov Cream, Ly-Clear for scabies, Remacort-N cream, head lice shampoo such as Nix shampoo,  Gentamicin for Skin, Salicyl Powder, Kwells, Ofloxacin ear drop such Floxin Otic ear drop, Eye Fresh eye drop, and Gentamicin containing eye drop such as Genticin eye drop, and Poly Pred eye drop. Baking soda for children with Icthyosis.

Purchase in Bali:

Acne cream, Alcohol swabs, Bisolvon syrup, Bromhexine tablet, Visine eye drop, Xendoxitrol eye drop, and Peditox for head lice.

We currently have enough:

Stop Itch, Stingose, Sorbolene and Bion Tears eye drops

Nappies & Baby:

Pampers extra soft, size XS, S, M and L.  Extra soft variety is best. Wet wipes sensitive.

School supplies:

None required at present


Acne Face Wash (Biore or Clearasil etc) Shampoo (adult & child), Hair lice treatment. For health reasons all items must be new.


We have more than enough thank you.

Items we have enough of :

  • Bed sheets
  • Books (english)
  • Candy
  • No candy please!!!
  • Children’s books in the English language
  • CD’s and DVD’s for children
  • Clothing
  • Second hand desk top computers
  • Cotton Balls
  • Cotton Buds
  • Hair Conditioner
  • Make up for dance
  • Certain Medicine (see above)
  • Dancow Milk Powder
  • School supplies
  • Shoes
  • Sporting Goods
  • Towels
  • Tooth paste and Tooth brushes
  • Toys
  • Vaseline

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