Green Gecko Project

Buy in Cambodia 
These are the things we constantly need but are easy and inexpensive to get once you are here:
Cleaning products: Bathroom cleaner, Dish washing liquid, sponges, cloths and washing powder
Hygiene products: Hair combs, hair brushes, Shampoo
Kids thongs, kids shorts
Piece of fresh fruit (x 60)
Kramas (small traditional sarongs)
Whiteboard markers Graph lined exercise books for Khmer school (in every stationery shop in Cambodia) medical gloves Hewitt Packard Colour Laser Jet 1600 colour printer cartridges. All 3 colours plus black

Bring on the plane 
Plastic toothbrush travelling containers please!!!! (No toothbrushes needed) Small Art canvases
water proof fabric bandaids Old mobile phone (with charger)
Children’s underwear (age 3-10 boys and girls – they are half the size of western kids) Hair supplies: Lice treatment, clips, scrunchies,

To send by Post, Courier or Freight 
(not to sound ungrateful) but… ABSOLUTELY NOTHING please. The last generous donation sent from overseas was on the docks for 8 months accompanied with hassles, wasted time and financial demands.

For the playground 
Bike racks (made here)
Flying fox, parts, design and construction
Trampoline Spring free SF90E www.springfreetrampoline.com.au

If you are physically fit in humid temperatures! 
Landscaping, planting trees
, laying lawn

Nutrition packs: uncooked rice, meat and veggies to send home to families every Friday afternoon (approx $300USD p/m)

Centre Manager : salary for a Khmer Centre Manager/LIfe Saver for Tania and Rem (approx $250 p/m)

Large projects: There is always a lot on the boiler for bigger projects to sponsor, if you are looking to get your teeth into something please email info@greengeckoproject.org to ask how

Things which are not such a good idea to bring or send

Textas or felt tip markers (they only end up being used once)
Stuffed or knitted toys (we have lots and they sadly get filthy dirty and spread parasites)
Skimpy revealing clothes, mini skirts, halter necks, low cut tops (Khmer style is too shy and modest)
Synthetic clothes (weather is too hot and sticky) Playing cards (too reminiscent of the gambling games that contributed to their families demise) Plastic toys (we believe one of the reasons Cambodian kids have such wonderful imaginations and playing skills is because they haven’t been inundated with toys, we think why change something when you are onto a good thing)
Lollies, sweets and soft drinks (check out the dentist list and you will know why)

For sponsorship in Australia or to make a tax deductible donation contact
’The Australia Cambodia Foundation Inc.’ on (08) 8340 4230
or email chrissy.tuigamala@scv.org.au

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