New Hope For Cambodian Children Phnom Penh

For personal needs:

New or second summer weight clothing in good condition for boys and girls aged from 1-18 years. Maximum size Australian ‘SM’, towels, single sheets, pillows, pillow cases. Teenage boys clothing greatly needed. Please no bigger than an Australian size 16 or Small mens shirt and 31″ waist pants/shorts.

Shampoo, soap, talcum powder, toothpaste, soft toothbrushes, nail brushes, hair brushes, hairclips (for girls) spray cologne (for girls) hair gel, new stage make up or new normal make up (for Khmer dance performances) Hair conditioner is not required.

For school:

School bags, exercise books, pencils, pens, pencil cases, texta colors, crayons, erasers, pencil sharpeners, rulers, paints and paint brushes, colored paper for collage, sticky tape, scissors.  Lap tops in good condition for students on Outreach programs.

For sport:

Soccer balls, Basketballs, Volleyballs, Volleyball net, table tennis bats, balls and net, caps, sports clothing, soccer boots and running shoes, skipping ropes, tennis racquets, tennis balls, bathers, thongs. * Soccer boots or shoes must be new. Cambodian Customs do not allow the import of used footwear.

For entertainment:

Jigsaw puzzles and games. Lego and other constructive material. top 40 music (MP3/CD) posters of popstars, cool cars, motorcycles, cartoon characters etc. DVD disc (Australian PAL fine) stickers, sewing kits,musical instruments, portable MP3/CD players. No soft or knitted toys due health reasons.

For medical needs:

Dettol, fabric bandaids, cotton wool, antiseptic swabs, bandages (all types), Melolite, saline, tweezers, eye wash cups, aloe vera gel, aeroguard or Rid, wool or cotton blankets.

For the staff:

A4 paper, envelopes, pens, highlighters, calculators, glue sticks, sticky tape, Digital cameras, USB’s, post its, clipboards, manila folders, clipboards, photo albums, staplers and staples, plastic envelopes, rubberbands.

For dining:

Melamine plates, bowls and cups.

For cleaning:

Windex, washing powder, dishwashing liquid, antiseptic,

Heavier items such as washing powder, antiseptic can be purchased locally and are usually 40 to 50% cheaper than Australian prices but remains out of reach for many orphanages.

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